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July 21, 2012


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Commission info

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 11:24 AM

Bear with me, I'm not used to taking Deviantart commissions ahahaha. Mightve forgotten something, please tell me if I did

:bulletpink: I may cancel your order anytime before your payment
:bulletpink: I may decline your order for whatever reasons
:bulletpink: All commissions are transparent bg
:bulletpink: Please note me to commission!
:bulletpink: Please give me time, I'm not a fast worker
:bulletpink: Finished commissions are for personal use only!
:bulletpink: I do not work "first come first serve"

Please note me with:
-What type of commission (chibi, halfbody quickie drawing, halfbody full render drawing..)
-Image references of your character or a detailed description!
-Any type of information concerning background, personality, age, etc...


I only accept Paypal! I will note you a wip along with my paypal email - once you have paid, I will finish the commission for you! 
If you are ordering a commission with a given price range (for ex: $30 - $38), I will confirm the price with you upon seeing your order so that there is no confusion! The reference sheet provided is only to give you an approximate price.


Sketch -> Lineart -> base colors -> Repaint -> Effects and final touches

A full render drawing follows the complete art process mentioned above. A quickie skips the repainting step, one of the longest steps of my art process. Quickies are therefore quick to do compared to my original drawings, but still take a few hours depending on size. 


:bulletpink: Chibi commission

 photo 1_zpsb000e9d3.png  photo 2_zps8a2dd97d.png

:bulletpink: Quickie commission

 photo 3_zps5a0c83bb.png  photo 4_zps375d5d62.png
Bustshot $14
Halfbody $20
Fullbody $35

:bulletpink: Full render drawing Commission

 photo 5_zpsc9be9fce.png  photo 6_zps17a1c513.png

Bustshot $30 - $38 depending on complexity
Halfbody $45 - $55 depending on complexity
Fullbody $75 - $90 depending on complexity

Will not do:
:bulletpink: Inappropriate themes (Excessive gore/mutilation, Hentai..)
:bulletpink: Mecha
:bulletpink: Furries (Kemonomimi are ok)
:bulletpink: Some males
:bulletpink: OCs that are not yours/OC rips
:bulletpink: Couples/Multiple characters, atm

May be adding as I go

  • Mood: Peaceful
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Bistraja Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mehehehe, me again! xD
I'm just wondering if you are going to open up commissions anytime soon? *-* I would love to commission you, if my character of choice would inspire you! :3
agent-lapin Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Once I finish my current batch and contest + secret santa stuff, i will be reopening! But that probably means not before 2014, and even then im not sure when
Bistraja Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that seems like a quite workload! I will have my eyes open in 2014 then :3
Be careful about your hand and wrist! I myself battle with lots of inspiration to draw, having to draw secret santas and the pain in my hand! xD
Now ok here is the thing. I am love with your work. I am looking for a new custom Avatar. Like a bust shot I saw your prices.  I know you are not taking commissions right now but I would be willing to pay triple for a full rendered bust shot from you. I would be willing to wait untill you are ready to take commissions again or what not I can understand. If you are interested though please contact me at my email or just message my deviant art. I really hope we can arrange something.
agent-lapin Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much, however in the end for me, it all depends on whether the order inspires me a lot or not! I would ask if you could wait until my slots are open aswell 3: Sorry!
Well I really appreciate you took the time to message me back and I will be eagerly awaiting for the slots to open. Thankyou for everything.
Your work is so detailed, it's so obvious that you do this out of love. <3 I'm stalking this page until commissions are opened; these are so beautiful and reasonably priced!
agent-lapin Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ;D; <3333
Omg if I only know how to use paypal for sending money and if only I wasn't on my limit huhu
Your art is so beautiful! x3

When do you think you'll open up? o.o
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